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3 Springing Texas Things!

chillin-1416456Texas… Boots. Cowboys. Two-Stepping. Rodeos.

How do you characterize this state? Have you ever visited? I’m reminded of the blind men who examined the elephant with each one declaring that what they felt was similar to other, completely different items: snake, rope, tree trunks, walls, etc. Anyone visiting Texas might have the same experience unless they visit places in all the extreme areas of our state.

But from the Panhandle to the coast, the Rio Grande to the Sabine River, there are three details of the springtime that all of Texas shares!

Item #1 is the Texas weather. Every foot of this state is prone to hail, wind, flooding, and tornadoes.

Item #2 is high school proms. Okay, every state has proms in the spring, but can any other state boast of the largest homeschool prom in the world?

Item #3 is fairs and festivals. Texas has over 100 spring floral trails along with fairs and festivals with all sorts of themes.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my recent experiences with all of the above. Since most of my stories are set in and around the East Texas area, I love sharing the little gems that I’ve recently found.

Stay tuned.

Passions Blessed

Last year, I got to be a director of America’s largest home school prom. The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom had over a thousand students last year, was held in one of the largest venues in downtown Dallas, and incorporated a lavish formal meal with games, popular music, and lots of dancing. I got to be a prom queen. What an amazing time, right?

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