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It’s Personal

0blue and yellowI’ve had such a blessing this week. I’m building a book of devotions and this week, I got to add all of the extras to the articles.

Know what I mean? Devotions often have scriptures, application questions, and prayers added onto them. That’s what I was adding to the daily articles.

But I added something special Continue reading

3 Ways Mercy Follows

eagleThat title sounds downright profound. Don’t get me wrong, this is a deep message, but on the surface of things, Mercy is actually the main character in my latest book which you can get free right now. (Here’s the Link!)

In the story, Mercy Lacewell  feels rather listless. She has no Continue reading



Sylvester_the_CatI did a post not long ago about walking in one direction. Frankly, it’s impossible to walk any other way. I get the picture of a Sylvester the Cat cartoon. The one where he splits in two and runs away from himself until his tail acts like a bungy cord and pops him back together.

Okay, anyone growing up after the 80s has Continue reading

What is Life’s Purpose?

That very question came up when I happened across a tweeted quote from the Dali Lama. I thought, “Really? That’s the only reason we’re here?” That opened a full discussion that I shared today with Jennifer Slattery on her blog. Please visit there and say hi when you stop by!


Attitude of Urgency

candle1My twins had an amazing experience this weekend. Over a hundred students met together for a weekend of fun and faith-filled challenges. The final event was labeled a “game,” but my girls have explained that this was no game by any means.

The students met for a final Bible study then were given numbers and a candle. They had the process of the exercise explained to them. A couple of people with lighted candles would share information. Once the hearer understood the information well enough to share it, they received a light for their candle, and they could then share their information with someone else.

Simple. Right? Continue reading


Talking for Dogs

… and other lessons learned from the movie God’s Not dog

I have always talked for my dogs. I think I got it from my grandmother. Her poodle used to race into the backyard and snap at the blue jays. She’d stand at the kitchen window and talk for him, threatening Continue reading


Hold Tight to the Call

failJennifer Slattery joined me on Tuesday for a visit. And today, she’s back to share some of the inspiration found in her new novel, Beyond I Do!

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Failure. Ouch. No one likes that word, and I’m pretty sure many will do whatever they can to Continue reading