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Top 10 Lessons from a Summer with Teenage Girls.

Life with Twins became more interesting now that they are teenagers.Today’s blog comprises the top ten things my teen girls taught me this summer.

  • Never lose the ability to laugh at yourself and never laugh too hard at others.
  • Wanna go to the mall? Do you really have to ask?
  • Since it’s Happy Hour and there’s a Sonic right there, why don’t we stop?
  • Everything, even chores, gets better with music.
  • When all else fails, put it in a ponytail.
  • Eggs really can cook on the dashboard of a car.
  • You’re never too busy to play – oh wait, that’s a lesson that I learned from my dog.Teenagers are making my life so colorful.
  • Always keep a dog around to blame.
  • Laughter is best when shared.
  • The drivers of the other cars can’t hear you, Mom.

Your turn: What have you learned this summer? From whom or what did you learn it?