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Priority: Betsy St. Amant

I’m so blessed to have Betsy St. Amant sharing about her priorities today. And make sure you check out her newest book, All’s Fair in Love and Cupcakes. Excellent read!

Betsy 2I just purchased a clock as a Christmas gift, and I wish I could sneak some extra hours on it. Wouldn’t that be the gift that keeps on giving—the gift of time? Yet, God ordained 24 hours in a day for a reason—which leads me to believe Continue reading


Priority Refocus

crosswalkLast month, I shared with you my heart in what the Lord was teaching me about my focus. How the Lord in Matthew 16:24 urges each of us to deny what we want and follow the Lord’s desires for our lives.

The message is Continue reading


Priority: Patricia Bradley

work on laptopThe last couple of weeks, I’ve been chatting about priorities and what the Lord means by taking up my cross, daily, to follow Him. Last week, I shared that for me it meant giving up something I’d planned for and expected to do. And He used the time that opened up to be an unexpected blessing to my family and a friend in trouble. So enough about me. How do Continue reading