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Christian Suspense Review: DECEPTION by Elizabeth Goddard

DeceptionThe Mountain Cove series continues with a story about the town’s much respected police chief, Colin Winters. I’m so glad the author decided to include this seasoned professional among her younger heroes. He’s been there for all of the other stories and deserved one of his own.

Here’s the short version (Amazon):

Jewel Caraway thought she’d left her mistakes in the past—but then her past arrives at her door. Though she’s thrilled to reunite with her estranged sister, something about her sister’s new husband makes Jewel uneasy. Does he know her secret? Is he the one behind the growing list of attacks against her? And if he is involved…does that mean her sister is, too? With nowhere else to turn, Jewel must rely on police chief Colin Winters—the first man to make the widow question her resolve to never love again. But will he stay by her side when her guarded secrets are revealed?

Mountain Cove: In the Alaskan wilderness, love and danger collide.

My take:

I find it hard to believe that Elizabeth Goddard didn’t grow up in Alaska. Her descriptions of the beauty, intricacies, and uniqueness of this land are so vivid. I felt I was in the ice cave (and feeling a little chlostorophic, by the way), and getting slapped by juniper trees as I fled through the forest.

And yes, I ran right alongside Jewel Caraway. (Though my running days are long over!) I lived her panic with her, though I don’t think I would have put myself in some of the questionable situations that she chose. Yikes!

I must say that Chief Winters was my favorite character in this story. His internal battle was so true to life, and he had just enough faults to make him an incredibly sympathetic character. And what a satisfying romance! The two mains were like chocolate chip cookies and milk. Every page made me anxious for their next encounter – and I was never disappointed.

Your Turn: Is there a setting that you’d like to see through the “eyes” of a novel?