Marji Laine

I Love a Good Mystery!


Day #5 – 30-Day Challenge

c05This entry from Thirty Days of Devotion is called “Using Other Glasses.” I’m a rose-colored-glasses type of gal. I stop just short of sticking my head in a hole, but I prefer to focus on positives as much as possible and will play Pollyanna’s “Glad Game” on a whim.

But sometimes, positives simply can’t Continue reading


A Season of Harvest

My life seasons can be separated into groups of eight. Roughly. For eight years I taught in public elementary schools. The following eight years I directed children’s music at our church. The eight years after that, I had a home-based scrap-booking/stamping business. Continue reading


Using Different Glasses

My hubby stretched out to watch the Ranger game and started snoring in less than a minute. Precious Redhead laughed when a home run fired us all up and woke him. Continue reading