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Pink Party – The Last Hurrah!

Today is the last day of my Pink Party! I’m so thankful that you joined me during this special time! What a GREAT week! Did you miss any of the events? Continue reading


Pink Party: My Love Story

Welcome to my PINK PARTY offering. Some of you have shared such wonderful stories, deep and heart touching. Mine is … not one of those.

I know that love is patient and kind according to 1 Corinthians 13. I also know that Paul included a few more characteristics, even adding some things that love isn’t. Like it’s not envious and it doesn’t boast. Hmmm. So I started off my Love Story on the wrong … well … page. Continue reading


PINK PARTY: Top 5 Greatest Couples

Welcome back to the PINK PARTY! Don’t look now,  but Heart Bouquets, where you can find my short story, “Life is Sweet,” is FREE at Amazon! Yes, right now! Go over there and get it, then come back and enjoy the party topic for today!

Happy season when we think of the things we love most about the people we love most. Are you contemplating someone special? In honor of tomorrow’s celebration of hearts and roses, I decided to analyze the top 5 greatest couples of all time. This list has been scientifically compiled by some of the most outstanding romantics of the 21st century.

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Pink Party in a Blue Dress – Guest Post by Jenny Hammerle

Don’t we all want to be Cinderella? Some times over and over? (Probably why romance novels are so popular!) I have to tell you my next PINK PARTY guest truly played that role. I heard such stories about her romance with a real Prince Charming in the royal court at the recent ACFW conference. Jenny Hammerle has a precious story worthy of a novel! 

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Pink Party: Popping the Question

I’ve got a classic offering of romance today during my PINK PARTY! I sure hope when the time comes for my dear boy to pop the question (with sincere hope that such a time WILL come) that he will deal with his intended like the soon-to-be grooms in the following stories!  Continue reading


Pink Partying with Ruth O’Neil

I told you we would be pink partying. Time for some ROMANCE! What can I say? It’s that season. And with the upcoming release of Heart Bouquets next week, I’m DEFINITELY in the mood!

How about you? Thinking of a past romance, or maybe your precious real-life hero? What about the one who got away? Read Ruth’s story and then by all means share your own!

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