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Day #30 – 30 Day Challenge

c28We made it! Everyday devotions for the entire month of September! This challenge certainly helped me. I know I missed my quiet time on one morning, but for the others, I enjoyed prayer and Bible study in addition to reading and discussing Thirty Days of Devotion with y’all.

I have found toward the end of the month that my normal Bible study hasn’t been enough. Most days, I’ve been doubling my study time and enjoying every moment of it. And that’s Continue reading


Can We Magnify the Lord?

So many songs use this word in praise of the Lord, but does this word have anything to do with praise? Webster’s defines it to increase in size; to enlarge it in fact or in appearance. Continue reading

The Name

Our choir is singing a song I fell in love with decades ago. The music and arrangement are beautiful, but the words. …

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