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COVID19 Shutdown Day 6 Prayer Break

My pastor, Brent Taylor, posted this prayer chart on Facebook today and it deserves reposting. I have to say though, that it is missing something.

Pray for yourself. You are here, in this moment, appointed by God to be His perfect instrument for a specific job that will impact the kingdom and bring Him glory. It might be within your own family. It might be reaching out online or by phone to give comfort and encouragement to others. Pray that God will reveal to you your options for “touching” others during this time and that He will protect you so you can press on to make the impact on His kingdom that He has laid out for you to make.

So how are you and your family through this temporary “shut-down?” Do you have any prayer requests that I can lift up for you?

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Day #13 – 30 Day Challenge

c12So our preparation includes having a healthy fear of God but not any worry about anything else, keeping our anger – even the righteous indignation – in check.

Today, we have a new slant to our season of preparation from Thirty Days of Devotion. We’re focusing on expectations. It’s like I mentioned last week, this season is one of hard work and little return – few rewards.

But this message today is a hard one to swallow. God has said no Continue reading


Day #4 – 30 Days Challenge


Today’s entry from Thirty Days of Devotion is still within the season of rest, and it’s probably the most important activity during this season – or any season for that matter.

When do you pray?

I’ve shared a section of an old sitcom that dealt with this question. While I love the little blurb, and even today it moves me to tears to see the character submissive and broken before God, his action isn’t the answer. Continue reading


Pushing Through

All in Time (stock photo by cozgrl05 at the’s that time of year again. I don’t want to wish this busy time away because I know once it’s over for good I’ll miss it so much! And yet, I find myself constantly shutting my eyes and rubbing my forehead to ease tension.

And yet, with the added hours of requirements for my kids, my job, and my ministries which are all Continue reading


Mara’s Journal – Chapter 11

Read today's chapter of A Dozen Apologies at Write Integrity Press.

In the mood for a turkey sandwich? You should check out today’s post on Write Integrity Press.

The story premise: After coming to know the Lord, Mara Adkins feels compelled to try to right the wrongs she committed during her more manipulative days. And she’s got a LOT of victims to encounter. Yet God just might intend that one of them hold her heart.  Continue reading

What God Doesn’t Promise

MC900291958 (1)I read an interview the other day, and the author shared one of my favorite verses. I’m always encouraged when I read this scripture, as much by what it doesn’t promise as what it does promise. Continue reading

I Think I Can, I Think I Can …

Oh boy am I fooling myself!

Remember the Little Engine that Could? I swear my Pollyanna mentality came from that favorite bedtime story.  Continue reading