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Day #4 – 30 Days Challenge


Today’s entry from Thirty Days of Devotion is still within the season of rest, and it’s probably the most important activity during this season – or any season for that matter.

When do you pray?

I’ve shared a section of an old sitcom that dealt with this question. While I love the little blurb, and even today it moves me to tears to see the character submissive and broken before God, his action isn’t the answer. Continue reading


Day #3 – 30 Day Challenge

c03Today’s entry from Thirty Days of Devotion, within the season of rest, is about the Fallacy of Productivity.

Fallacy? What? Getting things done is a good thing. Accomplishments. Little check marks on my todo list. That’s the ultimate in success to me! How can there be anything false about it? I’m sure that’s what Martha thought as well.

Today’s devotion hit me square in the face. My quiet time needs Continue reading