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Review: Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck

Once upon a princeOnce Upon a Prince is the quintessential contemporary fairy tale. But that description only describes part of the story. Rachel Hauck utilizes literary devices that infuse this tale with realistic characters, themes, and circumstances. Continue reading


Top 20 To-Read in Christian Fiction for 2014

I’m so excited about my list of to-reads this year. My first “writing” year, I concentrated on debut authors, enjoying their excitement – living vicariously. Last year, I tried to read books by friends and connections through the various conferences I visited. This year, I’m focusing on authors that I’ve already liked. I’m honing in on my own voice and style, so relishing potential new favorites will give me the opportunity to analyze why I like the books as I read them. I hope that I can not only encourage these wonderful novelists, but get more than enjoyment from the time I spend with their books. Continue reading