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From Writing to Wisdom

I’ve picked out a few awesome articles after pouring through tons of them this week. These really spoke to me and I hope they speak to you.

With assurance
With inspiration
May your wings take flight!



I read an article about setting resolutions by Rachelle Gardner. She said she focuses on the impetus for her goals and used the example of weight loss. She suggested that having a resolution of weight loss really uncovers a desire to feel good, be healthy, look nice. I totally get that. And most people do settle on resolutions about now. However, resolutions and goals are a little different.

Resolutions, to me, are lifestyle changes. Attempting a resolution is like deciding to change a career, or a daily pattern, or a name. Oh wait, I did
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Whatever . . .

Jody Hedlund posted the other day about staying positive in blogs and Twitter. I've seen Kristen Lamb and Rachelle Gardner advise the same thing. Their words keep revisiting me week in and week out.

Keeping that positive attitude in blogs and interactions with folks really starts deeper
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Favorite Blog Postings

I had such a good time wading along the blog shore this week. So many different topics and so much amazing information.  Now, I would have had ten favorites except I highlighted two of them in an article earlier this week inspired by Jody Hedlund and Elizabeth Craig Spann entitled Literary Contortions.

I'm so indebted to these talented folks for their wisdom, insight, and the inspiration they are generous enough to share.  Please hit the highlighted words for links to the specific articles. When you visit, make sure you follow or comment to support the authors and share the love! 🙂

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