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No Foolin’ – We have a WINNER!

Monday was so much fun! If you didn’t get the chance to join us, you’ll have almost as much fun reading back through the stories and comments as we did when they first popped up. Continue reading

Readers with Space Issues?

No, this picture isn’t upside down!

In fact, it is one of the unique new storage ideas that is shared in this article by Jill Harness at Yes, if I saw this in a house, it would certainly draw my eye!

You really need to take a look at all the crazy designs!  They have some great ones, like a staircase that has a place for books under each step; makes me wish I had a second floor!

There are several varieties that offer expandable shelves and some that also roll. Most of them have interesting or unique designs and equally odd names, such as the “Twins,” the “Equation,” “My DNA,” and the “Bed.”

My favorite design was called, “Motion.” Now that is one that I would really get a kick out of!

By the way, the books on the shelf above, (well, under the shelf above) are connected to the shelf by elastic bands of some sort.

I’m embarrassed. My bookshelves are just, well, bookshelves.

What about you? What do your bookshelves look like? Are they full? Are they fancy? Which of the ones in the linked article are your favorites?