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The First Kiss!

kiss silhouette tightLove is in the air. (Especially here in North Texas with 70 degree temperatures and budding trees!) I couldn’t resist asking a couple of the authors who have recently visited about thoughts on their first kisses.

After all, the first kiss is very telling. I’ve seen them happen on the first date, and I’ve seen them happen at the altar. (Now THAT’s impressive!) But whenever that first kiss occurs, there’s a special realization. Wouldn’t you agree? Continue reading


Interview with a new favorite: Sandra Ardoin!

pay-706798_1280I’m doubly excited to interview one of my fellow Suspense Sister reviewers, Sandra Ardoin today. First because she’s downright delightful, but second because she’s Continue reading


I’m Gonna Gush!

fire-hydrant-412211_1920I can’t help it. I just finished reading one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever had the pleasure of cracking open!

  • The writing – exquisite
  • The characters – deep, broken, and real
  • The plot – twisted, yet timeless.
  • And the message… ah. God’s grace is sufficient – AMEN!

This was no ordinary romance. And get this – it was neither Continue reading

Marketing Your Indie Pub

I’ve learned so much from this experience with my new independently-published GRIME BEAT. Today, I’m delighted to be visiting with Sandra Ardoin on her Seriously Write blog, sharing some of the things I’ve learned and others that I’ve gleaned from those with even more experience. I hope you’ll say hi if you stop by to visit!


Are You in the Top 1%?

Sisterhood AwardMy critique partner and writing buddy, Jennifer Slattery, drew me in with a blog title much like this one. Did it intrigue you? About 89% of you who chose to read this did so because of the title.

What’s in a name? A lot, it seems. Continue reading

Hot Chocolate Season

hot chocolateNo doubt. It’s time for seasonal music, roaring fireplaces, and the smooth, heavenly flavor of hot cocoa. Okay, almost. But with the temperature dipping, I delighted in a few hours of anticipation of holiday spirit.

Yuletide Angel, debut novella by Sandra Ardoin, draws the reader into Continue reading


Unexpected Change of Plans

Do you ever have those? Like a bumper on an old pinball machine. The ball is rolling calmly in one direction and then gets struck by a mean, unexpected jolt that thrusts it in a diversion.

Yeah, that was me Continue reading

New Suspense Sisters Review

Nowhere to TurnHave I mentioned how much I like Lynette Eason’s books? If you didn’t catch my review on her first one, No One to Trust, hit the link.

But today offers a new Lynette Eason book and a new reviewer at SUSPENSE SISTERS Book Reviews. Use the link at the SUSPENSE SISTERS blog.

Make sure you leave a comment and say HI to our newest reviewer, Sandra Ardoin!