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Day #1 – 30 Day Challenge

c01Today I read the first entry  of Thirty Days of Devotion, Spiritual Seasons. I know I wrote these entries, but every time I look through them, I get something new.

Like the season. I’ve been thinking all summer long that I was currently residing in an autumn Spiritual season. But as I look at the descriptions of the 4 different types, I think I’m in more of a spring.

Take this challenge for example. My purpose is Continue reading

30 Days

child-with-hiking-stick-1432735Thirty days. I know that isn’t that much time, but depending on my season, they can blur past like a NASCAR racer on the final lap, or lumber past like the tractor on a two lane road. And the busier I am, the faster the days fly. No joke. Our three-month volleyball season ends like a
sharply hit spike and I’m looking back on it thinking, “That just happened.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in the battles of daily days. Putting out “fires,” making a plan, checking off list items. Much to do. Much to do. Yet my walk with the Lord isn’t Continue reading