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Ruby in Guatemala – Thoughts on Chapter 9

A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER

Yikes, the last posted chapter. No fear! A RUBY CHRISTMAS is FREE tomorrow!

Though Guatemala is Ruby’s final destination, it certainly isn’t the end of her adventure! Make sure you get your free copy of A Ruby Christmas tomorrow! And please leave your comments on Amazon, while you’re at it!

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Ruby’s in London – Thoughts on Chapter 6

A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER

You’ll never guess what Ruby discovers in England!

If you haven’t read today’s chapter, go check it out on the Write Integrity Press blog.


Ruby’s in New York – Thoughts on Chapter 5

A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER

Ruby takes a bite out of the Big Apple!

Ruby’s in Virginia – Thoughts on Chapter 4

A Ruby Christmas

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Ruby’s in Colorado – Thoughts on Chapter 2

A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER

Mountains and motorcycles. Ruby’s in for a bumpy ride!

Ruby is off on her adventure!