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Day #22 – 30 Day Challenge

c21After the last few days of focusing on the passions that the Lord has for us, it seems a good time to remember that being His handmaiden doesn’t imply constant busyness.

It especially doesn’t mean that I don’t spend time with Him in prayer or reading His Word.

That’s what this 30-day challenge has all been about. I decided that I needed a strong habit of scripture study and prayer time. That begins with a simple devotion. If I’m so stressed out that I can’t be still for a few minutes before the Lord, then I’m way too busy.

That’s when the layers of what I must do separate from what I need to do, should do, and want to do.

And let me tell you, spending some time before the King every day is a must do, not a need to do.

That concept had to really take root. Before, when I would attempt to get up early for prayer and Bible study, I’d think “I should do that.” But that should-thinking is usually reserved for the tasks that I’ll do when I find time.

Guess what. Time’s not something we can find. I just is. What we have to find is a way to live within it’s limitations. Took me almost fifty years to figure that out.

But now I realize that I must put those things that are priorities in my life, like my relationship with the Lord, into first position. Those are the must-doos that will get done, right along with taking my girls to their next volleyball game, getting gas for my car and groceries for my family, and letting my dog out.

It must be that important in order to become the life-style habit that I want to develop.

Your turn: Are there any items in your should-do or need-to-do categories that you need to move to your must-do pile? Are there things mired in the must-do that aren’t really must-doos?

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow when we shift gears a little and discuss the “Waves of Life” article from Thirty Days of Devotion.

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