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Day #20 – 30 Day Challenge


Yesterday, I was discussing how to say no to the ministries for which you don’t have a passion. It occurred to me that talent and skill also play a role with that.

Have you ever felt like you “needed” to do something you neither wanted to do nor felt you were qualified to do?

My kids were Continue reading


Day #19 – 30 Day Challenge


Continuing the topic of passions that we started yesterday, we’re further exploring them through an article, from the book Thirty Days of Devotion, entitled “Passions Used.”

This section is so key in finding God’s will/your path. I’ve encountered so many wonderful ladies who are burdened because they don’t know what God’s will for their lives is. (And I’ve so been there!)

I sure don’t have all the answers, but I know Who does. 😉

The scripture that highlighted today’s article perfectly Continue reading


Day #18 – 30 Day Challenge


Today we’re discussing how to discover your passions in Thirty Days of Devotion. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are just stopping by, share your thoughts.

I was on a radio program yesterday with Lena Nelson Dooley, love her! She asked me to tell a little about myself. I froze. And I’m mortified to say Continue reading


Day #17 – 30 Day Challenge

c16This is the first entry for this new section, a particularly difficult season! If you’re following along in Thirty Days of Devotion, we’ve entered the 3 main section of the book.

The crux of this section lies at the end of the article. Nothing that happens is a surprise to God.

My son had a number of his college classmates ask him how he could follow a god so heartless as to not care about the pain and death around the world.

Tough question.

And in the face of it, my answer seems rather naive and callous.

Of course God cares! He feels our pain. Those of you who experience it regularly can chime in better than I can, but I know He hurts on your behalf. Whether the pain is to bring someone to Him, to strengthen someone with experiences they will need later, or simply to glorify Himself is not our right or ability to question.

Job showed us that example.

But God does care and He carries us through the summer just as He does at any other time we need Him.

As for death, that’s another issue. God cares about those who die without Him. It’s not His will that any should perish. (Matthew 18:14) To that end, I believe He shows Himself, in some way, to everyone. But when a believer dies, he or she is just coming home to Him.

He cares about that, too, but in a happy way.

My sons friends, both atheists and agnostics alike, don’t have the Spirit inside to confirm or deny the truth of God. They don’t get it.

Your Turn: Like I mentioned, I know some of you have much more to say on the subject of pain than I can offer. Please correct me if I’ve spoken in error. But share how God has expressed His presence and His care for you.

Tomorrow we’ll begin working through our passions in Thirty Days of Devotion. I hope you will join us again!


Day #16 – 30 Day Challenge

c15Today begins the second half, the downhill run, of our 30-day challenge. Whether or not you’ve been able to join in on the first 15 days, I hope you will engage from here on in! (But even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, keep stopping by!)

This particular entry from Thirty Days of Devotion isn’t hard for me to accept. I can fully wrap my brain around God’s power. But when I’m in the throes of this season, when I’m, as the song in Rocky III says, pushing and getting ready for the next fight, I wonder.

I don’t doubt God’s ability, but sometimes I wonder about His willingness.

I’ve seen His miracles – both small and huge, natural and unexplained. And yet, when I’m consumed with my daily life and overwhelmed by the needs therein … seems like sometimes, I expect His “noes” more than His “yeses.”

Likely due to my own lack of faith and negative anticipation.

But He is God of the impossible. And you folks who have commented here in the last 2 weeks have declared that more than once in your stories.

I’m so thankful for the witnesses that you have been!

Your Turn: What is the most grandest impossibility you’ve seen God do? I’d have to refer to the story I told y’all about my friend who was shot. The gun was pressed to her forehead at a 90-degree angle, yet the bullet traveled across her face, barely touching anything in the interior of her head and lodged in her right lung. Just before the man pulled the trigger, she said, “Oh, Jesus, save me.” And He was faster than a speeding bullet! The strangeness of her injuries and her quick recovery were AMAZING, and to God’s glory!

Tomorrow we’ll be starting the next spiritual season. I can’t wait to hear your input in this section.


Day #15 – 30 Day Challenge

c14I love the lesson that I learned from my daughter’s science presentation! You can find it in today’s  article, “Beauty from Ashes,” in Thirty Days of Devotion which is available at Amazon for on 99¢.

I experienced an example of this last year when we redid our bathroom. Okay, that sounds like wild claim, but it’s true. And I bet you’ve experienced something of the same thing. Continue reading


Day #14 – 30 Day Challenge

c13We’ve been discussing the season of preparation. What things we should and shouldn’t do as we get ready for God’s use. Going through the book Thirty Days of Devotion, we’ve discovered that we should revere God, and we shouldn’t hold onto fear – worry, panic, or dread – and we shouldn’t hold up personal agendas, politics, or social issues as important as God, Himself, and our relationships with Him.

Today’s article is about the most important thing we need to realize and concentrate upon as we prepare for whatever lies ahead. One of the essential truths that we need to nail into the wall and focus on. Continue reading

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Day #13 – 30 Day Challenge

c12So our preparation includes having a healthy fear of God but not any worry about anything else, keeping our anger – even the righteous indignation – in check.

Today, we have a new slant to our season of preparation from Thirty Days of Devotion. We’re focusing on expectations. It’s like I mentioned last week, this season is one of hard work and little return – few rewards.

But this message today is a hard one to swallow. God has said no Continue reading


Day #12 – 30 Day Challenge


We’ve been going through the book Thirty Days of Devotion in an effort to establish a strong daily quiet time and concentration in our walk with God. Whether you can join us fully or stop by on occasion, do share your thoughts on the topics! We’d love for you to join us!

Today’s issue is a touchy one. I’ve been teaching my girls that they have a stand they will need to take. But they have to Continue reading


Day #11 – 30 Day Challenge

c10The word in this scripture from 1 John 4:18 is the Greek root for phobia. It isn’t the same word as in yesterday’s scripture: “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” But you can see the thoughts from yesterday’s entry Here.

This word deals with negative connotations for fear:


There are positives involved Continue reading