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Day #10 – 30 Days Challenge

c09Yesterday, we started a new season in Thirty Days of Devotion. Today’s topic deals with the holiness of God. Proverbs 1:7 say, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

I think the comment on the left is a valid point, but it’s missing something.

See, I’d always thought about fearing the Lord as a reverence. A holy awe. I can picture the saints with bowed heads and clasped hands or perhaps kneeling before Him.

The more I’ve experienced, the more I’ve Continue reading


Day #9 – 30 Day Challenge

Texas Flag Gate with Bluebonnet Background by Marji LaineYesterday, we completed the first section of the book Thirty Days of Devotion. But if you’re just learning about this, no worries. Jump in! We’re cementing a habit of devotion with daily quiet time with the Lord. And sharing what we think or learn right here!

Today begins discussion on the spiritual season of preparation.

This is a tough season to me. I mean, I know I have Continue reading


Day #8 – 30 Day Challenge

c08Today’s is the final entry in this season. We’re talking about a spiritual bog today. I know we’ve been talking about waiting the last couple of days, but simple waiting can become inactivity, leading to faith-questioning, depression, and despair.

Or in this case, a foreboding.

When I start to doubt God’s hand on my life, I start believing all the lies I’ve put down in the past. (Tweet this!)

Remember when I said I’m Continue reading


Day #7 – 30 Day Challenge

c07Doldrums is the section of Thirty Days of Devotion that we’re going through today. The word was used as a description of windless seas. And there is such an area in the Atlantic that sailors and explorers marked on maps to avoid.

This is where the waiting place in the last section becomes stagnation. Where lack of Continue reading


Day #6 – 30 Day Challenge

c06Have you been following along with this devotion challenge? Jump in. There’s no requirements. We’re going through Thirty Days of Devotion and sharing thoughts, prayers, and experiences in the comments section. You are invited to join us.

But more importantly, Continue reading


Day #5 – 30-Day Challenge

c05This entry from Thirty Days of Devotion is called “Using Other Glasses.” I’m a rose-colored-glasses type of gal. I stop just short of sticking my head in a hole, but I prefer to focus on positives as much as possible and will play Pollyanna’s “Glad Game” on a whim.

But sometimes, positives simply can’t Continue reading


Day #4 – 30 Days Challenge


Today’s entry from Thirty Days of Devotion is still within the season of rest, and it’s probably the most important activity during this season – or any season for that matter.

When do you pray?

I’ve shared a section of an old sitcom that dealt with this question. While I love the little blurb, and even today it moves me to tears to see the character submissive and broken before God, his action isn’t the answer. Continue reading


Day #3 – 30 Day Challenge

c03Today’s entry from Thirty Days of Devotion, within the season of rest, is about the Fallacy of Productivity.

Fallacy? What? Getting things done is a good thing. Accomplishments. Little check marks on my todo list. That’s the ultimate in success to me! How can there be anything false about it? I’m sure that’s what Martha thought as well.

Today’s devotion hit me square in the face. My quiet time needs Continue reading


Day #2 – 30 Day Challenge


We’re starting our walk through the spiritual seasons with the Season of Rest, entry #2 in Thirty Days of Devotion. I confess, I have a hard time with this one. I find it difficult to settle my brain into the calm, focused rest mode.

That is like a foreign concept to me. I don’t even go to movies at theaters anymore because I can’t do anything productive during the show. Instead, Continue reading


Day #1 – 30 Day Challenge

c01Today I read the first entry  of Thirty Days of Devotion, Spiritual Seasons. I know I wrote these entries, but every time I look through them, I get something new.

Like the season. I’ve been thinking all summer long that I was currently residing in an autumn Spiritual season. But as I look at the descriptions of the 4 different types, I think I’m in more of a spring.

Take this challenge for example. My purpose is Continue reading