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2-Step Plan

cowboy-boots-177193_1280Growing up in Dallas – and especially in college in the 80s – I have certainly learned the Texas 2-Step. Sort of a backward fox trot – if you’ve ever watched Dancing with the Stars. Lol. However, I’m not going to give you dancing instructions here.

These are Continue reading

Baby Steps

guidance-469691_1280Walking with the Lord sometimes means taking baby steps. I mentioned something like that in my post yesterday.

We are all children learning to walk with our Father! (Tweet This!)

I remember a time when I was angry with someone. God urged me to forgive, even though I couldn’t fix the problems. Yet every time I prayed about the person, I ended up complaining (tattling) to God, rehashing the situation, and getting angry all over again.

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3 Reasons for Stutter Steps

walkingI’ve been talking on and off about my word for 2015. Walk. I confess, I feel like a complete failure when it comes to the physical action. I’m a little more active than I was, but I still haven’t nailed down a regular habit.

Which made me think of 3 things that keep me from walking. Both the physical kind and the spiritual kind.  Continue reading

Your Carriage Awaits

carriageI’m continuing my discussion about my word of the year, Walk. Physically, I’ve really amped up my workouts, especially with the better weather. But this word speaks more of my walk with God than of the exercising type.

Last weekend, my Continue reading