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3 Reasons to Love an Ugly Stepsister

StepsisterLast weekend I got to have the most fun doing something really strange – hating. Not real hating of course, but acting the part of the bad guy – not a role I usually play on the stage, and I hope very rarely in real life as well. But this was so much fun! “What is this Feeling?” from the musical Wicked, was not only great to sing, but physically showing “loathing” was probably easier than it should have been. LOL!

But the experience got me started thinking about the Ugly Stepsisters that I encounter. People who Continue reading


More on Jehovah Nissi

Exodus Yahweh is My Banner. This title for the Lord, given by Moses during a battle with the Amalekites, defines how God is the One who fights for us. He not only provides for our protection, but He does what we cannot do for ourselves. Check out an earlier article about Jehovah Nissi.

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Interview: J.A. Marx Heroine

Destiny Defied by J.A. MarxI’m so excited to welcome Riki Hammad from Destiny Defied, by J.A. Marx. Riki is terribly intriguing, with so many layers even she doesn’t know who she really is.  Continue reading