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Java JiveRemember when I mentioned my short story, Java Jive in yesterday’s post about A Dozen Apologies free days? I mentioned it was a final in the Splickety Love/My Book Therapy Flash Fiction contest!

Well, I just got my copy of Splickety Love Magazine! And I won! My short story, Java Jive placed first in the Splickety Love/My Book Therapy contest!

Oh my gosh! What a day! A Dozen Apologies is rising in the Amazon rankings. My fam and I performed at a Dessert Theater. And now I’ve won the first place prize – after I’d completely convinced myself that I wouldn’t, so it wouldn’t be too much of a let down! LOL!

This is a Valentine’s Day to remember! *Squealing and dancing! 

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12 Free Apologies!

Read A Dozen Apologies. Mara Adkins from A Dozen ApologiesEveryone needs forgiveness and Mara Adkins is no exception.

Wow is that an understatement. Sort of like saying she’s not entirely graceful. Or that the things she works on are sometimes less than successful.  Continue reading