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TAILSPIN left me Breathless!

TailspinDo you like to read my books and other Christian mysteries or suspense. Chances are good that you’ll love this newest episode from the Mountain Cove series. It is packed with suspense to the extreme! See all of what I thought about this latest Love Inspired Suspense from Elizabeth Goddard! Click over HERE!

Lynette Eason’s Newest Book!

1602 Feb CoverI had the most fun last weekend immersing in Lynette Eason’s newest book, Always Watching. I love the premise of this book! An entire agency of female bodyguards committed to protection in some rather extreme circumstances. Sort of a “Charlie’s Angels” spin, only the women are brilliant, skilled, dedicated, and tough.

You can find my full review at the Suspense Sisters review, HERE!

But even more important, you can enter for your chance to win a copy of Always Watching for yourself at Lynette Eason’s interview. I love getting the chance to meet and chat with authors, especially some of my favorites! I always learn fun tidbits! Make sure you enter for your chance to win!

And if you like to win, today’s the final one to enter for your chance to win a copy of all 3 books in my Grime Fighter series! Leave a comment at my excerpt HERE!

Tension, Romance, and Twists

Rising DarknessLast weekend, I delighted in inhaling Rising Darkness by fellow Suspense Sister, Nancy Mehl.  This is the 3rd book in her Finding Sanctuary series, but I’ve found that the two I’ve enjoyed (this one along with the first) are carefully crafted, stand-alone books. The well-loved characters from past books revisited in the third enhancing the story for readers who have followed along, but Continue reading

Last Day to Enter for Gifts!

christmas-present-1443378Wow! So many amazing gifts! Seriously. You’d think it was Christmas or something! 🙂 Keep reading to find out all of the gifts that ONE PERSON – yes one will get all the goodies – will receive! Continue reading

First Dates: Dana Mentink

kiss silhouette tightThe love story blooming in my second book, Grime Wave, inspired me to explore some first dates by some of the best in Christian fiction romance and suspense. Before I put them on the spot, I shared one of my experiences HERE.

Today, Award-winning suspense author  Continue reading

Review: Deadly Echoes by Nancy Mehl

I tried another new-to-me author this weekend. Well, not exactly new-to-me. I know Nancy Mehl online through Suspense Sisters. I’m so grateful to her for bringing me in as the senior reviewer there.

But I had never read any of her books. Blew me away to learn she had published Continue reading


Like Frank Peretti? Well, he likes the writing of Carrie Parks Stuart! Even mentored her on her debut novel and BOY, IS IT GOOD!

Read my full review at the Suspense Sisters Review page today!

Squee! I’m on the cover!

I’m so enjoying reviewing for Suspense Sisters. And it’s so cool that now I’ve been given a new title! Squee! AND I get to have my face pop up, for a while anyway, when folks visit Suspense Sisters. So excited! Hit the LINK to see what my new title is.

Review and Giveaway: Jungle Fire

Book cover of Jungle Fire with a buy linkFree book opportunity! I love getting to share some great books on the Suspense Sister blog, but this one is definitely a FAVORITE. And I have a copy to give away FREE to one of the members on my quarterly newsletter.

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New Review up at Suspense Sisters!

This book gave me flashbacks to some of the cozy days I’d spend curled up and reading a Phyllis A. Whitney book! Excellent writing. Twisted mystery. Gripping suspense. And intense romance.

Not to be missed!

Read my review at the Suspense Sisters Blog!