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Review: Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth Goddard

wilderness-perilIntense action and deep-set passions set Wilderness Peril at the top of my list of favorites!

Elizabeth Goddard weaves a gripping plot that begins in the first paragraph and doesn’t release until the final pages of the book. The plan seems simple enough for airplane mechanic, Shay Ridiker; fix a broken plane that her company needs to repossess and let the pilot fly it back to the base. Normal, routine … Continue reading


Review – Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard

A couple of months ago, I announced to y’all the top 10 books that I wanted most to read this year. Almost all of them are romantic suspense or mystery novels with a Christian focus. A few weeks ago, I chose one at random to read, I can now add another check mark to my list.  Continue reading


Interview of A TON OF GOLD Heroine

Crystal Moore is my guest today on Faith~Driven Fiction. Her story is in the novel, A Ton of Gold, by James R. Callan. Question for readers: Can you figure out what type of hero would work best with Crystal?    Continue reading


Carrie Stuart Parks is an INTRIGUING New Author!

I’m so excited for Carrie! She’s one of my agency siblings and I confess, I’m living vicariously, hoping for the day when my first novel will have a publisher! Woohoo! Here’s her latest blurb from her website and why I’m so stinkin’ excited about her book:  Continue reading


A New Hero in Town!

So enjoying the Wednesday analyses of different types of heroes. Some of these fellas are just downright tough to nail down. Last week, we spoke to Philip Bradley from the novel Lethal Intent by Janice Olson. From his answers to the questions, I think he might have been a Chief – enjoys things where he can be in control, and his fears dealt with things he’d be unable to accomplish. Would you agree?

Today’s guest is also a hero – totally different type of person and I’d love to hear what character type he is! Today, we’re interviewing Fr. Frank DeLuca, pastor of Prince of Peace church.  We meet him as the protagonist in James R. Callan’s mystery/suspense Cleansed by Fire. Continue reading

Interview-Janice Olson

I have a special interview for today. I’m NOT chatting with Janice Olson, author of Serenity’s Deception and Lethal Intent. I’m speaking with her hero, Philip Bradley. Philip is the hero from Janice’s novel, Lethal Intent, the 2nd stand-alone novel in her “Texas Sorority Sisters” series. Here’s YOUR challenge. In which hero archetype that we’ve studied would you think he falls? Continue reading


Review: Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon

It wasn’t that big a deal. Just a mug of white chocolate mocha at her new favorite coffee shop, The Perfect Blend. So how did she end up in the emergency room? Continue reading


Review – New Must Read!

Oh, friends, I found a treasure! How did I miss this author for so long! Well, I won’t miss her anymore, that’s for SURE! This book has everything: blood-curdling intensity, challenging mystery, fiery romance. A definite MUST READ! Continue reading

Review: Shattered by Dani Pettrey

Well, my pink party is over! *Sniff* But the fun doesn’t end. Heart Bouquets is still available and for only 99¢ for a limited time! And not here on Faith~Driven Fiction either! I’ve got a review of a NEW FAVORITE today and Wednesday begins a series on heroes! Can’t wait to start this one!

Now I like to read. And there have been some books that I’ve looked forward to. But can’t-wait-to-read is another animal entirely. I can count on one hand the number of books that fall into that category. Mostly because I normally learn about books after they’ve released and not before. But this one was different! After reading the first book of Dani Pettrey‘s Alaskan Courage series, Submerged, I drooled every time I heard about Shattered, book 2.  Continue reading


Heroes in 4 Categories

I looked up the word archetype the other day. I thought the word just referred to broad types of characters in literature. Boy did I have a few surprises. Seriously, some of what I read bored the tar out of me. I didn’t care about the ways that some of the heroes were developed, and I didn’t need to delve too deeply into the life and times of the philosophers who created the categories. But I loved the psychology behind the project. Continue reading