Marji Laine

I Love a Good Mystery!


I always have to get past my sweet hubby’s birthday on the first before I really feel it! But he deserves a day of his own that isn’t connected to the following holiday. (I’ve always done the same thing for my son who celebrates on October 26th.) Now I need to brag a bit before I move on, because this wonderful guy has changed so much (only on the outside, thank goodness, ’cause he’s always been awesome on the inside) in the past year. I’ve got a great before and after pics. Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for:

  • the Lord’s salvation and the confidence it gives.
  • this path the Lord has set before me.
  • health and opportunity.
  • stories of inspiration and hope.
  • my precious children who never let me stay downcast.
  • my sweet hubby who balances me.
  • my extended family and dear friends who keeps me steeped in laughter.
  • new purposes and avenues of serving the Father and His kingdom.
  • peace, joy, anticipation.
  • the new connections this blog has allowed.
  • your encouragement and insight that challenges me to move forward.

Your turn: What are you thankful for?

I’ll be celebrating this week with my family. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!