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New Year Word for 2014

9-16 on the roadLast year, I chose a word for the first time. The Lord impressed upon me the word Journey for 2013. When I decided on that word, I thought it had to do with my writing career, and I think it did to an extent. But my son’s mission to Africa has taken focal point for all of our family since he committed to the mission last April. By then, I’d completely forgotten about my word. So when I looked it up again last week to prepare for this article, the word shook me to my roots.

God knew the hard journey all of us would take with my son’s departure and his challenges in his villages of Côte d’Ivoire. I had no clue of the challenges, but He knew and prepared us for them.

So this year, I thought I would use the word, Hope as my focus. But as I researched the word, I changed my mind. Continue reading