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I Love a Good Mystery!

This is the Worst!

I don’t know if you’re familiar with a funny Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins. This Christmas, we gave dear hubby the latest DVD from Hawkins and laughed ourselves silly through at least 5 viewings.

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Weekending Laughter

Things really jumped into high gear in the prom world this week. We held two dance lessons – we’re homeschoolers; we teach (even though they’ll still get out on the floor and just jump around! LOL!) – for our Texas Christian Homeschool Prom and tomorrow will be a nine or ten hour workday where we’ll paint, sew, build, sort, fold, print, pack, sew, paint, and build some more. Just wait until you see the finished product! I think I’ve told you before that this is the largest homeschool prom in the US, but did I mention that the decorations have won national awards?

No, that is SO not my calling. I’m an organizer. So tomorrow, I aim to offer my hands to help where I can and hope they don’t ask me to sew … or paint … or build. I can fold! ๐Ÿ™‚

And my sweet angels and I took a shopping trip to find my costume for this upcoming prom. Am I going to look royal enough? Wish I had gotten a pic with the hat and drape and ruff all in it! (And I wish I looked 20 lbs thinner and had put makeup on before my trip, but oh well.) We lunched at “the Barrel.” Okay, to get the full effect of this quote, you have to see this Tim Hawkins bit:

And aside from prom activities, we finish our last week of our homeschool coop today. I have been known to grouse about having to get up so early and put on make-up and teach all day, but I really do love teaching high school writing and the kids have become so special to me. I’m going to miss the moms I’m used to seeing every week and I’ll be happy when our coop starts meeting again next September. But for a few weeks, I’m just going to relax on Fridays!

With the free time, maybe I’ll get some extra writing done. My new story is begging me to write it!

So what did you do this week and what are your weekend plans? Did you watch something good on TV or deal with a kid issue? Have a chat with a buddy or go to dinner? I’d love to hear about your week.