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Writing Detours

_968644_44648305Have you ever started out in a direction only to find that you had to go in a totally different direction to get where you wanted to go?

That happened to me last week. I swear, Dallas is just one big ole hairy mass of road construction! And anyone living here or visiting for more than five minutes will agree with me.

So last week, I was picking up my daughters at a volleyball practice. This is my twins’ 5th year to play and for all of them, there has been Continue reading


“Getting the Call” with Jennifer Slattery

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m so delighted to have one of my friends and critique partners, Jennifer Slattery, on a virtual visit. Her debut novel, Beyond I Do, has just launched and I asked her about that moment that every author anticipates – “The Call.”

Marji: What was your greatest fear before you were published?

Jennifer: Exposure.

Marji: What do you mean? Continue reading


Special Interview: Agent Terry Burns

Terry BurnsI’m so thankful for my wonderful agent, Terry Burns with Hartline Literary Agency. And I’m delighted he agreed to join me on Faith~Driven Fiction to talk about the changing climate of the publishing industry, what agents do for their clients during this time, and give hints about ways that un-agented writers can gain attention from agents. Continue reading