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I Love a Good Mystery!


Have you ever completed an intense task – one that required energy and constant attention – only to come out of the experience feeling … empty?
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Christian Fiction

Katie Ganshert is a debut author whose novel premieres in May 2012

Is this term an oxymoron? Christianity itself has the Truth as it’s ultimate foundation. Fiction, by it’s definition means the opposite of truth. Why would anyone want to make Fiction about Christianity?

Ephesians 5 urges us to “make the most of every opportunity.” Not surprising that our God is a Master at that, and fiction writing is no exception.

I am typical for most women my age in that I love to read novels. (Particularly romance and especially a good mystery.) I learn about different types of people and enjoy the way they deal and rise above their circumstances. I know the stories aren’t true, but they draw me in because something within them relates. Whether the main character reminds me of myself in some fashion or the situation in which she finds herself captures my attention, her story becomes real because it could be.

Keli Gwyn is a debut author whose novel premieres in July 2012.

And inviting God to have a place in that story brings the similarities all the more clear. I’m fallen, but redeemed and made holy by His Grace and Christ’s sacrifice. I relish experiencing that sensation again and again while I empathize with the heroines of the books I read as, broken, they reach for an adoring Father who has been there all along just waiting for the chance to show them the depth of his love.

That’s what I want my writing to do as well. Inspire readers to the realization of God’s adoration. Those that understand all that He has done for us need reminding – I know I do – and encouragement in the truth. Those that haven’t experienced that kind of relationship don’t need me to preach at them. But if they can see a real submission to the Father’s love from a book character in which they see themselves, maybe they can also be aware of that same love that wraps around them everyday.

Faith-Driven; that’s my kind of Fiction.

Your turn: What’s your favorite book or which author has your attention at this point – and why???