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The First Kiss!

kiss silhouette tightLove is in the air. (Especially here in North Texas with 70 degree temperatures and budding trees!) I couldn’t resist asking a couple of the authors who have recently visited about thoughts on their first kisses.

After all, the first kiss is very telling. I’ve seen them happen on the first date, and I’ve seen them happen at the altar. (Now THAT’s impressive!) But whenever that first kiss occurs, there’s a special realization. Wouldn’t you agree? Continue reading

Hero Revealed

Did you get the chance to read the chapters of A Dozen Apologies? What a FUN book! And you can get to know Mara better at her Facebook profile. She’s a hoot!

And today I have a couple of special posts.

  • At Write Integrity Press, my most romantic memory is posted.
  • And at On the Ledge, I talk about my hero – you’ll have to visit to find out who he is and where he came from!

A Dozen Apologies is available on Kindle and Kindle apps for FREE on Friday!


Play Along PINK PARTY!

My PINK PARTY is in full gear today and I’ve got a couple of SPECIAL GIFTS for you!   Continue reading


Pink Party – Most Romantic Gift by Jennifer Fromke

What is it? The ring? Chocolate? Flowers? A Maui vacation (oh yeah, that’s definitely mine! LOL!) My PINK PARTY guest today shared a romantic gift that was decidedly … different. Yeah, let’s call it that!

I “met” Jennifer, like Ruth from yesterday’s post, through The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt. What a fun project that was! And I get to enjoy another project with Jennifer next week because she’s one of the authors of Heart Bouquets, due for release next Wednesday – I’ll keep you posted!

Continue reading


News! Totally Cool!

This is me, embracing the pink! I’ve always been told that pink is a good color for me, but I’ve resisted because it wasn’t my favorite. (My FAVORITE is forest green – not a good look on me, though.) So as pink has literally grown on me, this year, my girls all gave me new items to enjoy the shade even more. A new purse, scarf, and matching wallet. I confess, I’m beginning to like pink.

But today’s news gives me an even better reason to do a little fuchsia hugging! Continue reading