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Day #23 – 30 Day Challenge

c22Today’s article in Thirty Days of Devotion isn’t always an easy one to swallow, but these waves of life will be around whether we want them or not.

Just like we are in a spiritual season, we have waves in our lives. Relationships, our identities, personalities, and responsibilities all change over time and we have to adjust to the ebb and flow of the waves.

NOTE: We have to adjust. The waves aren’t going to adjust to us.

The picture here really connects with me. The deep recesses of my nature change so slowly that I scarcely notice it. Though over time, I can look back and see where I was as compared to where I am. For the the good or bad of it.

The hats I wear and responsibilities I enjoy can change much more frequently. The stress from their changes affects me and causes me to redirect my efforts, but their effect gets absorbed after a short time.

The circumstances of daily can certainly batter me. Or they can give me the ride of my life, depending on my attitude. But the effect of these waves doesn’t last unless a storm hits.

And it’s those storms, the tumult, that brings the deep waves crashing onto the shore. Storms change everything. The shoreline, the wave motion. They make those jarring alterations that set new life courses complete with endless adaptations. (Or at least they seem endless.)

But they also offer new beginnings. New opportunities to see what we’re made of, what we’re capable of. And how God can use even the most devastating of storms to say, “Yeah, I know. I’ve been there,” in hopes of helping some other struggling sailor.

Your Turn: How have your storms directly affected others in a positive way? How have they made a positive impact on your life?

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our final season! Wow! We’re almost there! Come back and see what this last season in Thirty Days of Devotion has to offer!

The Waves of Life

I’m so flattered to be hosted by Jennifer Slattery, today. She’s my amazing critique partner, a confidant, and friend! I appreciate her letting me share my thoughts about the waves of life.

Loved, chosen, & empowered

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, (Ugh. Did I really just admit my illness, one with so many myths, judgements, and misconceptions surrounding it, online???) I felt ready to break—physically and emotionally. I thought the intense pain shooting through every ounce of my body would last forever.

I’ve since learned those waves, or flares, as the medical community calls them, won’t last forever, and knowing that brings incredible peace. Knowing there is an eventual end to the pain makes it bearable. And knowing God has a purpose in my pain, which He does, makes it glorious.

Life is like that, isn’t it? Stuck in the muck, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and defeated, to focus on the tumult rather than our Savior. But today my sweet friend and highly-valued critique partner, Majie Lane, MarjiLaine-260x300shares some encouraging thoughts on these “waves of life” we all go through and what each one…

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