Marji Laine

I Love a Good Mystery!


Forced Detours

_968644_44648305Is there anything worse than searching for a place only to find a detour that makes it practically impossible to access? I dealt with that very situation last month as I drove around a group of teenagers on a photo scavenger hunt. FYI, the Horses of Las Colinas are Continue reading


Archaic Writing

20150223_163441I’m coming off a seriously traumatic week last week. Well, it seemed like it at the time. I sat in a local Best Buy trauma care center (known as Geek Squad) and heard the worst. “There’s nothing more I can do here.”

Ach! I had to surgically detach my fingertips from my precious keyboard and allow the “doctors” to wrap it up and send it via electronic Care Flight (UPS) to some unknown destination where the experts will attempt to right my baby. And this coming the day after Continue reading