Marji Laine

I Love a Good Mystery!


N is for NATURE!

On a whim, I packed my girls up and took off southward for the self-proclaimed Bluebonnet Capitol of Texas.

I would second that title!

I’ve lived in the metroplex all of my life and I’ve never seen anything like this place! Only about 45 minutes south and I felt surrounded by beauty that left me wordless. And the silence! My girls noticed it.

In my little suburb, there’s always sound. The whitenoise of the freeway, the mosquito whines of speeding motorcycles and roars of trucks, train horns from a mile away, and sirens coming and going. But out there, with all the background noise erased, we could here songbirds, bugs, ducks, geese, even things we couldn’t see. Total peace.

I’ll need to make sure I visit there again! SOON!

Oh and I must share a few funnies of our trip. The first was a sign we passed. Precious Redhead snapped this shot, laughing hysterically.

All in all, we decided with his name, he’d make a great sheriff. That is, until Sweet Hubby came up with a potential first name of Dewey. That first name made us think there was too much of a question to be depended on. But it gave me an idea over what to name this photo. I decided on “Howie, Didju, or Neva,” but I think a man running for sheriff would probably stick with Howie even if it wasn’t his real first name!

Oh and I had no idea Precious Redhead got these shots. We drove beside a quiet yard full of goats and their friendly old horse. Well, as is my custom since college anytime I come upon a herd of goats, I baaaaaed at them. (I’ve been known to moo at cows, too!) And sure enough every head in the pen turned my direction with faces full of disgust.

What’d I say?

Even the horse, who must speak fluent goat considering his surroundings – turned toward me and I swear she snorted. I should probably wash my mouth out with soap!

Your turn: What was the last spontaneous thing you did just for the fun of it?