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Book Review – Grudges Not Included (Guest Blogger)

Have I mentioned how much I love novellas? Well, I’m not the only one. Today Precious Redhead is sharing her take on the seasonal story, Grudges Not Included by Shellie Neumeier. And you can find all of my reviews in the For Readers SectionContinue reading


Review Polar Bear Plunge by Linda Glaz

Facing a four-hour trip home from my in-law’s house in Oklahoma, I could listen to my sweet hubby scan through radio stations, I could sketch yet more notes for the story I’m rewriting, or I could find a book on my Kindle. Well, even though I’m from Texas, I really don’t like country-western music and I knew that’s what hubby sought – or football. Ick. And despite my enthusiasm over rewriting my story, I’ve noted the tar out of it. Poised to write, my laptop battery didn’t have enough charge for me to get anywhere. So I opened my Kindle and looked for a new read.

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