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Putting it Together

They look like they're a little bummed though – or maybe that's their game faces?

In keeping with my recent articles about goal-setting and winning, I'm going to draw them together today.

Did I mention that the Angel volleyball season is over. Can I just say:

Thanks, had to get that out of my system! Sixty-nine matches, seven tournaments, two months and over 8000 pictures. Yep, I'm good for another year.
But I want to share just a little about my precious redhead's team. Most of these girls played together last year. 
The team as a whole never

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Round of Words in 80 Days

I know, it sounds crazy. How can making a word count goal actually produce halfway-decent writing? Just because the number of words increases doesn't mean that they are really worthy of any notice.

I admit, when I started the ROW80 program back in July, I was more than a little skeptical. But I knew
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Literary Contortions

Jody Hedlund's article on flexibility inspired another article by Elizabeth Spann Craig. Her article inspired me, as I happened to read it first. Both are excellent and worthy of your time.

Both blog authors are also published authors and write from their publishing experiences. I'm still in the pre-published stage, so I have a different slant on the flexibility focus.

When I started this journey, now about 2 1/2 months ago, I felt totally alone.  I know my forte is brainstorming and building ideas with others, but writing is a solitary career, right?
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